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asparagus apple salad + sweet mustard glaze


i experiment a lot with salads. and salad dressings. i love coming up with new combinations—especially new fat free dressings. and they’re typically ok…but never especially satisfying or complex flavor-wise.

i completely blew myself away with this one.

sweet, tangy, citrusy, but still with plenty of vegetables. the perfect summer salad.

*i would definitely recommend adding fresh orange segments or canned mandarin oranges although i didn’t have them in this version*

the following recipe makes 1 large, meal-sized salad or 3 appetizer salads. the measurements are very rough.


2 T orange juice

2 T yellow mustard

1 T honey

1 t lemon juice

1 t sugar

  • whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl. it will be a liquid, but more viscous than juice itself. pay attention to the sugar as it settles on the bottom; stir again right before drizzling.


1.5 c greens (spinach or spring greens are best matched to the other flavors)

.5 c coleslaw mix, for more texture and color

half a red apple

raw asparagus stalks (as many as you want; i used about 8)

  • wash the asparagus and snap the stalks wherever they naturally break. discard the bottoms and cut the top sections into 1” pieces.
  • roughly dice the apple
  • toss the greens and coleslaw mix and place in a bowl
  • layer asparagus over the greens and top with apples
  • drizzle glaze over the top (remember to stir again)
  • sprinkle with salt or butter shaker (optional)


      enjoy the unique + fresh flavors of your soon-to-be-favorite summer salad! 

      <3 e