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THE breakfast sandwich

this is, hands down, my favorite breakfast to make for myself when i want salty instead of sweet. i think there was a period of a week during the winter where i had it every day and tried to convince all my family members to try one. now i’m on a mission to get you to try it!

i think the onions are the most important ingredient, so if you like onions don’t forget them! but if you don’t like them go ahead and leave them out.

*apologies for inadequate pictures on this one*




white onion

ground tofu breakfast “meat” (comes in a tube as sausage would)

canned broth

egg whites or beaters, 1/3 to 1/2 c

1 fat free american cheese single

2 slices rye bread

butter/margarine substitute

garlic salt

brown sugar


step 1

spray pam in a small nonstick pan and heat over medium heat as you cut your onion into rings about 1 cm thick. use as much or as little onion as you want; i use 1/3 of a small onion.

step 2

put the onion in the pan and sprinkle on garlic salt and pepper. turn up the heat and saute until the onion is translucent and starting to sizzle/brown.

step 3

add your tofu. it will be a little sticky when ‘raw,’ but it doesn’t matter the shape it is when it goes in the pan. once it starts to cook you can crumble it with your spatula. i use about a palm sized serving of the tofu.

step 4

once you’ve been able to crumble the tofu slightly, add 1/4 c broth to the pan. make sure your heat is still on high; our goal is to have the liquid evaporate but infuse the tofu with the broth’s flavor. as it does its thing, keep moving the tofu and onions around/pressing down with your spatula so that everything gets browned. 

step 5

when all the liquid has cooked away, disperse the tofu crumbles evenly throughout the pan and sprinkle on a little more garlic salt (unless you got a little overzealous on the onions during the first round) as well as a pinch of brown sugar. this really contributes to the flavor of the tofu and works well with the rye. if you’re overly skeptical of adding sugar, add a little more pepper instead.

step 6

pour in the egg. cook the egg as you would an omelet, circling the pan around to get the raw bits to contact the heat without breaking up the egg. as it cooks, fold the rounded portions over slightly to make it a rectangle instead of a circle. then flip it to the other side.

step 7

turn your heat down slightly; the pan is probably storing more than enough heat by now. as you let the second side of the egg brown, spread your butter/margarine on one side of each slice of rye. the buttered sides are the outside of the sandwich.

step 8

lift the egg with your spatula and place a piece of bread in the pan, butter side contacting the pan. set the egg down on top. place your slice of cheese over the egg and then add the second piece of bread, butter side up.

step 9

put a lid on the pan and let it sit over medium heat so the bread toasts and the cheese melts. this should take about 2 minutes. flip to the other side and let it brown as well.

step 10

feel the immense satisfaction of eating—or serving—your delicious, buttery brown creation!

posted especially for katey :)

<3 e

sweet + spicy curry tofu

i’m not a big fan of curry in general, but this one is wonderful. i got the recipe from my aunt after she made the sauce for chicken and was shocked at how easy it is. the effort is way worth the satisfaction on this one.

*i would recommend the sauce for anything you can think of: rice, chicken, shrimp…this is just one use*




one package of tofu (any firmness you prefer; i used regular)

bell peppers: one red + one yellow

white onion

baby spinach


1/2 c honey

3 T mustard

3 T water

1 clove garlic, chopped, or 1 tsp from a jar

2 tsp curry powder

1/2 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp cajun seasoning

squeeze of lemon or 1/2 tsp lemon pepper

optional: cayenne pepper + crushed red pepper to taste (this is what will make the curry sweet and spicy as opposed to sweet and savory…either way the flavor is quite complex and delicious)

step 1

mix all sauce ingredients in a small bowl. if you have time to spare, let it sit for a while so the flavors can mingle. when you’re ready to start, preheat the oven to 350F.


step 2

dice the onion; cut half of each pepper into strips (put the other halves away or use for something else); place all in a shallow baking dish and drizzle with 2-3 T of sauce



step 3

drain the tofu and cut it into chunks; place in a separate baking dish (a glass bread dish works well); cover with remaining sauce. place both dishes in the oven. keep an eye on them!


step 4

after 10-15 minutes, the peppers and onions should be browning and the sauce in the shallow dish should be bubbly. pull the oven rack out; layer ~1 cup of spinach on top of the tofu; spoon the peppers and onions and their sauce over the top of the spinach. bake for about 20 more minutes, until everything is bubbly and golden.



now serve your beautiful + delicious curry over rice, quinoa, etc…

or just by itself; it’s definitely good enough to stand alone :)


<3 e